Bulb Value Bags

We've added 3 new value bags to our bulb range this year.  If you're looking for more than just a small packet of bulbs, our value bags are great value for money.

Tete a Tete Bulbs

Tete a TeteOur tete a tete value bags contain 35 bulbs.  These bulbs are graded between 10 and 11 so are a good sized bulb which will produce a welcome show next year.  Tete a Tete is by far the most popular of the short stemmed daffodils growing to around 15cm in height.  We plant to retail our value bags at £4.95 each.

Woodland & Meadow Selection

The woodland and meadow selection value bag contains a mix of 40 spring flowering bulbs to create a woodland feel in the garden next spring.  Planned to retail this Autumn at just £4.95 per bag.


  • Anemone blanda mixed
  • 5 Eranthis hyemalis
  • 5 Fritilaria meleagris
  • 5 Galanthus nivalis
  • 10 Scilla siberica

SnowdropsField Grown Snowdrops

Usually the first signs of winter coming to an end are snowdrops peaking up out of the lawn.  Our snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) value bags contain 70 single snowdrop bulbs for flowering February/March.  Planned retail price £9.95 per bag.

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