Companion Plant Seeds

Companion Plant Seeds

Plant Me Now offer a vast range of seeds suitable for companion planting. Find below the best seeds to plant with your fruit and veg. Companion plants are ideal for planting with different fruit and veg as they each possess a unique quality that helps deter pests from eating your produce. See our companion plants below:



Nasturtiums are an excellent annual companion plant and we have plenty for you to choose from. Not only are they exceptionally easy to grow, but provide great protection against aphids by attracting hoverflies.

For best use, mix in with you vegetable gardens or roses and deter common blights such as cabbage whitefly and hoverflies.

Its uses don't stop there! Nasturtiums can also be used in salads and sandwiches.

Tagetes & Calendula

Tagetes and their closely related cousins calendula are a brilliant companion plant and we have a select range for you to choose from.

Known for there scent, these plants are best placed near vegetable gardens and have been proven to work marvelously along side tomatoes.

Deters aphids but attracts bees, butterflies and lacewing.

Sweat Pea

Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas make an excellent companion plant and we have a huge range for you to choose from

Sweet Peas act as almost a natural fertilizer, extracting nitrogen from the air and storing it in their roots. Excess nitrogen is then made available to other surrounding plants.

Sweet Peas are best planted around fruit trees but can also be used to attract pollinating insects when mixed in with garden peas and runner beans.

Good for wildlife

Attracting wildlife is paramount to a successful garden and can help every inch of it thrive if you select the right plants.

Here are just a few varieties that we recommend to get your garden buzzing - buddleja, cornflowers, heliotrope, lavender and Sarah Raven Bees and Butterflies Seeds.

Plant anywhere in the garden to attract bees and butterflies