100 Stuttgarter Onion Sets (spring planting)

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Stuttgarter Onions are a british favourite which can be planted earlier than normal varieties. These onion sets are grown from cultivated stock and are easier to grow than planting from seed. Stuttgarter is known for its sweet, mild taste and stores very well.

Plant in Spring.

Onions require a well-prepared bed to achieve good growth. Thoroughly dig over the site with a fork, removing any weeds. Adding a general fertiliser will improve yields.

Mark out a row using a string line or cane. plant the sets 3cm deep and 12cm apart along the marked row. Label the row with the variety name.

Check the sets every few days and re-plant any that have been disturbed by birds etc. until growth starts.

Keep the soil moist during the growing period. Remove any weeds which otherwise will compete with the onions for food and water.

In late summer/early autumn, the leaves will begin to die down. this means they are about ready for harvest. bend the leaves over and a few days later; ease the onions out of the soil. A few days later again, lift them clear of the soil and leave on the surface to ripen. When dry, rub off loose skins and roots. Store in a cool dry, frost-free place in trays.

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Order Code 57869
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